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Resin: A natural resource that combats desertification and boosts the rural economy
February 16, 2023

On 9 October, NARES – Resinas Naturais was featured on the programme Faça Chuva Faça Sol. We’re delighted to share this episode, which showed the reality of our industry and even gave a tour of our factory.

Resin is a natural substance extracted from pine trees, such as the maritime pine – Pinus Pinaster – a species native to the Iberian Peninsula. It is used in a variety of products, including glues, rubbers, chewing gum, varnishes, paints and essential oils. But did you know that the resin also plays a crucial role in combating the desertification of forests and rural populations?

Discover the process of extracting resin and the transformation process that takes place in our factory, and see how resin is treated and used in everyday products.

See the full programme here: