family businessExperience the legacy of NARES, the leading resin company in Portugal.

Founded in 2005, NARES is a Portuguese family business specialising in resins. Initially dedicated to providing industrial services, in 2020 it expanded its operations to include the commercialisation of metal drums.

In 2023, NARES, formerly Vieirifabril, was reborn under this name, with the aim of reviving what was once the largest resin derivatives factory in Portugal. Embracing tradition and innovation, and building a bridge between the past and the future.

As we begin a new chapter in 2024, NARES is expanding its portfolio by offering Portuguese rosin and turpentine under the renowned Costa & Irmãos brand. This is a significant step in our journey, increasing our offer with more complete solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Vieirifabril was founded as a provider of industrial services.
2010 – 2014
Installation of a high-efficiency heat generator with low pollutant emissions.
New production line. Start of commercialisation of metal drums.
NARES takes on a leading role by commercialising Portuguese rosin and turpentine, products it has always produced under the renowned Costa & Irmãos brand.
REACH registration and Kosher certification of the products we produce. Expansion of production infrastructures.
Installation of new turpentine storage tanks.
Vierifabril is reborn under the name NARES, with the aim of reviving what was once the largest resin derivatives factory in Portugal.

SUSTAINABLE brandCosta & Irmãos, We Extract the Essence of Nature in a Sustainable Way

Given the strong recognition of the Costa & Irmãos brand, we took the strategic decision to maintain the Costa & Irmãos brand. This choice is based on:

Empresa Nares
Costa e Irmãos

productsCosta & Irmãos and other brands

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valoresIntegridade, inovação e união:
os nossos valores, nosso caminho.

Empresa Nares

From Quality to Excellence

Our laboratory allows tight control over the quality of the process of our products, which is a strong point in our company.

From Talent to Distinction

We focus on the development of our team in order to provide an excellent service from start to finish.

From Experience to Satisfaction

Ensuring customer satisfaction, guaranteeing product quality and meeting delivery deadlines.

From Tradition to Innovation

Developing the traditional resin industry and bringing it into the present day with a technological and innovative transformation.

From Responsibility to Commitment

Social and environmental responsibility, focussing on promoting the practice of resin processing in Portugal and good environmental practices in forests.

From Local to Global

To promote and expand the exceptional Portuguese Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine to the world.