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family businessExperience the legacy of NARES, the leading resin company in Portugal.

Founded in 2005, NARES is a Portuguese family business specialising in resins. Initially dedicated to providing industrial services, in 2020 it expanded its operations to include the commercialisation of metal drums.

productsCosta & Irmãos and other brands

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SUSTAINABLE brand Costa & Irmãos, we extract the essence of nature in a sustainable way

Costa e irmãos Nares
Costa e Irmãos

sustainabilityRespecting nature,
producing quality resins

Transforming Waste for a Circular Economy

Through various innovative processes, we are working to transform the bark and other waste from the first processing of the resin into by-products.


Our resin products are made with the utmost care and dedication to quality.

nares pinus pinaster

Best practices

We prioritise sustainable practices to protect and preserve our natural resources.


We prioritise our partnerships with our suppliers, customers and employees, valuing their excellent work through certifications.