projeto rn 21
Natural Resin 21 Integrated Project - RN21
February 16, 2021

The Resina Natural 21 (RN21) project aims to revitalise the pine resin sector in order to strengthen the national bioeconomy. The project includes 37 organisations from the natural pine resin sector and is led by the ForestWise Collaborative Laboratory. RN21 is divided into three pillars and 5 measures/initiatives.

The specific objectives are organised around the 3 pillars set out in the Call for Consortia:

I – Encouraging the production of national natural resin: 1. Strengthening the productive capacity of pine forests; 2. Increasing the productivity of resin processing; 3. Making resin processing more attractive to forest owners.

II – Strengthening the sustainability of the manufacturing industry: 1. Support for industrial investment and the value chain; 2. New applications and strengthening of markets.

III – Positive differentiation of Natural Resin and derived products: 1. Creation of a label and technical dissemination throughout the value chain; 2. Communication and Marketing.

NARES is involved in the development of Pillar II measures:

I2.M2. R&D (research and development)  in resin and collecting vessel techniques

II1.M3B. Valorisation of shells and other waste from first processing

II1.M3C. Recovery of sludge and other waste from 1st and 2nd processing